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Bug#593812: debian-installer: Impossible to answer to questions on normal install

On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 09:06:45AM +0200, Alain rpnpif wrote:
> > I'm afraid no. It is even surprising that g-i works where the text
> > installer doesn't as I don't see any functionnality difference in that
> > matter: re-using existing partitions with a Linux system already
> > installed on them is not supported at all.
> I do not understand also but it is the reality. Is forgotten somewhere an 
> argument such "-y" ?
> I precise that the problem is not that I loss my files in the partition
> even some packages know how to preserve, upgrade or include them. The warnings 
> of d-i or partman are well understandable.
> The real bug for me is that, being not forbidden on an old installation, the 
> installation freezes, waiting infinitively an answer from the user that he 
> can not do !
> So I think that the bug is from d-i. You must choose : Or give the user the 
> ability to answer to the questions, or let dpkg/apt-get to reconfigure with the 
> defaults settings of the packages such "-y" as parameters of apt-get.
> I do not think that partman is relevant. Forbidden an upgrade of an old 
> installation is not a good choice for me.

debian-installer, as its name says, is for installing Debian, not to
upgrade it. If you want to upgrade it, the proper way is to use apt,
aptitude or one of their graphical front-end.

This is therefore the proper way to fix this bug.

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