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Re: Three little observations from a Newbie.

Hi Albert,

you can check if the problems you report are already identified (or not) on Debian's Bug Tracking System (BTS):

- iceweasel: http://bugs.debian.org/iceweasel
- evolution: http://bugs.debian.org/evolution

If they are already reported maybe you can find (and) help on the issues.

Bugs can be opened with the program reportbug.
There are also other ways, details on http://bugs.debian.org.

Hope this helps.

On 08-08-2010 05:12, Albert wrote:
Hi there,

I am new to Linux and have only started using Debian one year ago.I am
not a programmer, only a user.

I have found three little annoyances with Debian 5.0.4/5.0.5 and they

1. Evolution email client: the program seems unable to display more than
three (3) email accounts when checking emails. What I mean is, the
folder that is displayed when the emails are being checked, seemed
unable to maximise its folder to show all email accounts (like my 4th
and 5th email accounts). This problem is not seen in Ubuntu and a few
othe distros.

2. Iceweasel browser: when the browser is maximised and fills the
screen, the 'left' pointing button that indicates 'Go back one page', is
too flushed to the left like it is in position '0' or '1' pixel left. I
wish rectified and perhaps even redesigned the button image (say,
something like the original Firefox in Microsoft Windows).

3. Iceweasel: the browser is unable to respond to the user mouse click
in the chat column in http://www.p1.com.my/common/login_ref.aspx. At the
bottom of that site, there is a an online chat feature that allows the
user to chat with a support personnel. This seems to be not working in
Iceweasel. It works fine in Google Chrome browser.

If I have sent this to the wrong person. kindly help me redirect it to
the right place.

Thank you so much.



Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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