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Bug#591016: flash-kernel: /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/flash_kernel_set_root mis-detects root filesystems for systems using ubifs

* Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg@fifthhorseman.net> [2010-07-31 10:34]:
> i also note that there is no command in flash-kernel for the guruplug to
> actually write the kernel to NAND storage -- it generates uImage and
> uInitrd, but does not store them to /dev/mtd1 as i'd expect something like:
>  nandwrite /dev/mtd1 /boot/uImage

Right.  The reason my initial response to your bug report was "maybe"
was because I'm not sure at this moment how we should handle
installations to NAND.  There are at leat three options:

 - Creating a combined uboot image (i.e. kernel plus ramdisk) and writing
   that to NAND.  There's probably not enough space in mtd1 for this,

 - Given that ubifs support is built in, we could just write the kernel
   to NAND.

 - A third alternative is to simply generate the uKernel and uInitrd
   files on "disk" (i.e. ubifs in this case) and use u-boot to load
   them from ubifs (u-boot from mainline has support for this).

I'm sort of leaning towards the last option since it's imho the
cleanest variant. (The first one probably doesn't work because of
size constraints and the second assumes that ubifs is built in, which
I won't guarantee will be the case in the future.)

But this is a slightly different issue than the one you reported in
this bug.  In any case, given that I'm leaning towards the third
alternative, I should definitely fix the bug you reported, not just
"maybe". ;-)
Martin Michlmayr

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