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Re: On-screen keyboard for g-i

Quoting Thibaut Girka (thib@sitedethib.com):
> Hi,
> Lately, I've been trying g-i on the FreeRunner, and one of the obvious
> issues is that the FR doesn't have a keyboard.
> So, I've decided to make a matchbox-keyboard udeb.
> First thing is that it requires a few libs which don't have a udeb yet
> (I have patches for that, should I file a bug against the adequate
> packages, with the patches included?).

Sure, to guarantee that nothing is lost.

Please give as many details as possible about your work on D-I for the
FR so that maitnainers who would not be part of the D-I team
understand what's all this about.

Some may raise objections as the freeze is going on. Please redirect
them to -boot.

> Second thing is that it needs a window manager (otherwise, it'll be
> misplaced, cover g-i, and take focus when clicking on it, which defeats
> the purpose of an on-screen keyboard).
> So, I've made a matchbox-window-manager udeb, configured differently
> from the matchbox-window-manager package so it depends only on things
> that already have a udeb.
> For now, each of the two packages ship a script
> in /lib/debian-installer.d/ to start (unconditionally. How to be sure
> there is no keyboard? Query X? udev? And I've heard about security keys
> that behaves like keyboards...) after X.
> Should this files be shipped in those packages, or in some other package
> (rootskel-gtk, or some package made for the occasion)?

Would be nice to have this in D-I SVN. Maybe first under people/
before we move it to packages/ when things are reviewed/ready.

Great work, anyway. Even though I haven't seen this, I think your
descriptions gives a good picture of all this.

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