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On-screen keyboard for g-i

Lately, I've been trying g-i on the FreeRunner, and one of the obvious
issues is that the FR doesn't have a keyboard.
So, I've decided to make a matchbox-keyboard udeb.
First thing is that it requires a few libs which don't have a udeb yet
(I have patches for that, should I file a bug against the adequate
packages, with the patches included?).
Second thing is that it needs a window manager (otherwise, it'll be
misplaced, cover g-i, and take focus when clicking on it, which defeats
the purpose of an on-screen keyboard).
So, I've made a matchbox-window-manager udeb, configured differently
from the matchbox-window-manager package so it depends only on things
that already have a udeb.

For now, each of the two packages ship a script
in /lib/debian-installer.d/ to start (unconditionally. How to be sure
there is no keyboard? Query X? udev? And I've heard about security keys
that behaves like keyboards...) after X.
Should this files be shipped in those packages, or in some other package
(rootskel-gtk, or some package made for the occasion)?

I've tried those packages on my FR, it seems to work perfectly: you
can't notice the WM and the keyboard only shows up when an entry is
selected (thanks to the gtk input module).

Thibaut Girka.

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