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Re: Switching default install entry to graphical installer?

[Daniel Baumann]
> i've been testing the graphical installer quite intensively during
> the last days and it works very well. given that these days most of
> the crappy hardware that used to not work with g-i has either
> vanished completely, or, represents a supposedly so insignificant
> share of the target audience, that i think we should make g-i the
> default entry on the regular d-i images, as it's much nicer for the
> general audience and supports more languages.

While I agree that this would be a nice thing to do, there is a
misfeature somewhere in g-i that should be addressed first.

When installing with the graphical installer, heaps of error messages
show up in the installation log from base-installer.d/20console-setup
which fai to find the keyboard-configuration debconf templates.  The
installer also ask for keyboard layout twice, once early in the
process, and once after tasksel is done downloading packages.  I
suspect these are related, but have not had time to investigate the

I suspect it is related to the fact that the g-i images use a
different udeb to set up the console than the non-g-i images, but do
not really know.

Is this a known problem?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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