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debian-installer_20100719_amd64.changes ACCEPTED

debian-installer-images_20100719_amd64.tar.gz byhand
  to main/d/debian-installer/debian-installer_20100719.dsc
  to main/d/debian-installer/debian-installer_20100719.tar.gz
  to main/d/debian-installer/debian-installer_20100719_amd64.deb
Changes: debian-installer (20100719) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Theppitak Karoonboonyanan ]
  * Add needed characters for Thai.
  [ Christian Perrier ]
  * Remove Thai from the list of languages only supported with the
    graphical cdebconf frontend.
  * Activate needed characters for Persian
  [ Frans Pop ]
  * sparc: add components needed to load firmware for netboot images.
  * Update pkg-lists for changes in auto-install (1.7). Main benefit is that
    netcfg will no longer get pulled in on images that shouldn't have it.
  * ia64: add support for loading firmware to images. Closes: #572724.
  * Fix building with alternative LOCALUDEBDIR.
  * Ensure glyphs used in the translated right column of localechooser are
    included in images to avoid incomplete display of the languagelist when
    some translations are dropped through DROP_LANG.
  * Drop auto-install from pkg-lists now that it has been integrated in
    the preseed udebs.
  [ Otavio Salvador ]
  * Switch amd64, i386, hppa, powerpc, mipsel, s390, ia64, mips, sparc to
  [ Martin Michlmayr ]
  * Switch armel to 2.6.32.
  * QNAP: make the check for a valid MAC address more reliable.
  * QNAP: add a check to ensure that the right installer files for the
    user's QNAP model are used.
  * OpenRD-Base and OpenRD-Client can use the same image, so provide
    only one generic image for OpenRD.
  * QNAP: Copy uLinux.conf in case it's not there so we can identify
    the QNAP model.
  * QNAP: recognize Fujitsu Q600 and Q700.
  * Generate an image for GuruPlug.
  * Generate an image for HP t5325 Thin Client (but it requires a
    serial console).
  * Generate an image for QNAP TS-41x.
  * Add a netboot image for SS4000-e.
  * armel: Don't pretend that network-console images are "netboot"
  [ Cyril Brulebois ]
  * Warn if only the 'build' directory has been checked out instead of the
    full source of the 'debian-installer' package.
  * Fix boot splash images to use 640x480. See #571045 for details.
  [ Cyril Brulebois / Frans Pop ]
  * Switch graphical installer from DirectFb to X.Org backend
    - include xserver-xorg udebs for G-I images
    - use console-setup instead of kbd-chooser for G-I images
    - exclude X.Org modules from library reduction
    - stop including libgcc_s.so.1 in G-I images; it's not needed with X.Org
  * Enable graphical installer build targets again. With many thanks to
    Cyril Brulebois, Julien Cristau and others who have contributed to
    implementing the X.Org backend.
  [ Frans Pop ]
  * G-I: include gtk2-engines-udeb through pkg-lists.
  * Add check for incorrect file attributes on device nodes, which can occur
    when using fakeroot after restarting a (failed) build.
  * x86: update info about disabling framebuffer in F8 syslinux help screen.
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * mips/mipsel: re-enable Broadcom SWARM (sb1-bcm91250a) support.
  [ Ryan Tandy ]
  * Create images for Buffalo Linkstation Pro/Live. Closes: #580714
  [ Otavio Salvador ]
  * Move amd64, sparc, mipsel and i386 to linux 2.6.32 (ABI 5).
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * hurd-i386: Fix boot menu ramdisk support.
  [ Otavio Salvador ]
  * Move hppa, ia64, powerpc and s390 to linux 2.6.32 (ABI 5).
  [ Jeremie Koenig ]
  * util/get-packages: fix selection of the most recent packages.
  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Support new apt mirror method, available from apt 0.7.26~exp6.

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