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Re: Multi-arch netinst getting too big

(dropped powerpc for this subthread)

On Thu, 2010-07-08 at 01:09 +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> >Do you have any idea where perl (not perl-base) comes from? python
> > (not python-minimal) doesn't seem to be in the base system but is on
> > the CD as well. Similarly nothing seems to pull in binutils or
> > doc-linux-text deliberately. (I'm picking on these packages because
> > they are the largest components under pool/main/*)
> Hmmm. At the very least, debconf needs perl-base. linux-base then
> pulls in the main perl package later (via libapt-pkg-perl).

I think you mean via libuuid-perl? 
  Looking at adding libuuid-perl to satisfy dep
    libuuid-perl Dep: ( OR perl-base )
    libuuid-perl Dep: perl
    libuuid-perl Dep: libc6
    libuuid-perl Dep: libuuid1
    linux-base Dep: ( OR debconf cdebconf cdebconf-udeb debconf )
    linux-base Dep: ( OR util-linux udev )
    linux-image-2.6.32-5-486 Dep: ( OR initramfs-tools dracut initramfs-tools )
    linux-image-2.6.32-5-486 Dep: ( OR debconf cdebconf cdebconf-udeb debconf )
  Looking at adding libapt-pkg-perl to satisfy dep
    libapt-pkg-perl Dep: perl-base
    libapt-pkg-perl Dep: ( OR perl-base )
    libapt-pkg-perl Dep: ( OR apt )
    libapt-pkg-perl Dep: libc6
    libapt-pkg-perl Dep: libgcc1
    libapt-pkg-perl Dep: libstdc++6

I don't think libuuid-perl really needs perl and I have filed #588427 to
that effect.

>  As for
> python, I'm not seeing that on the current m-a netinst CD. We then
> have linux-headers-$foo -> gcc-4.3 -> binutils.

Ah, I didn't think to check transitive dependencies.

I was wondering why linux-headers were on the CD in the first place and
find that tools/generate_di+k_list says:
        /* Note that we do not have to include every optimised kernel flavor for
         * i386, but this does control what kernels are available on the netinst CD.
         * Kernel headers are included as third party modules are commonly
         * used on this architecture.
so it's only for amd64 and i386 but it is on all ISO images. Could we
consider making this only for certain image types? It would save 10M.

> I don't see doc-linux-text in the log either.

There was a popcon update in debian-cd SVN recently -- does that effect
this sort of thing?

All I see in my logs are
        + Trying to add doc-linux-text...
          @dep before checklist = doc-linux-text
          @dep after checklist = doc-linux-text
          $output_size = 49686668, $size = 7814144

Also my mirror was only updated at the end of June so I guess something
there may have changed?

It 7.5M but I guess maybe this was selected from popcon to fill the
slack left by things which were bumped?

> (Looking at the log files make_disc_tree.log and sort_deps.i386.log
> for this info...)

Thanks for the pointer.


Ian Campbell
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