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Bug#582044: hw-detect: same issue with squeeze xen domU running XenServer


I've seen this same problem in a squeeze domU running on XenServer. The "Detecting disks and all other hardware" screen takes about 15 minutes to complete. Then the "[!] Detect disks" screen appears and prompts the user to select a driver.

I initially chose "xen-blkfront" but this had no effect apart from to return me to the same screen. However, when I selected "continue with no disk drive" the installation completed successfully and squeeze was installed to /dev/xvda (the paravirtualized block device).

It seems like hw-detect does not recognise /dev/xvd* as a valid block device to which Debian can be installed, but the rest of debian-installer has no problem with it!

I was using the following images:
from http://ftp.uk.debian.org/debian/

TIA for any suggestions!



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