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Localization status for Debian Installer (July 1st update)

Very very short update: no progress since yesterday.

Please note that I'll be offline from tomorrow July 2nd morning up to
July 4th evening. I expect to be able to cope with pending mail
reading by Monday July 5th.

The mass upload that was planned after the official end of string
freeze will then only start on Monday 5th, at best....and will
probably be quite slow and extend all over the upcoming week.

Please find below the list of languages that I should drop at the end
of the string freeze if I strictly follow the published rules we have
(sublevels 1 and 2 must be complete):

- Belarusian (for 2 strings!)
- Ukrainian (for 2 strings!)
- Brazilian Portuguese (for 16 strings!)
- Hungarian (for 19 strings!)

- Tagalog (63 strings)
- Kurdish (70 strings)
- Croatian, Macedonian, Wolof, Serbian (72 strings)
- Welsh (92 strings)

Among these, I expect Brazilian and Croatian to get completed by their
regular translator. Ukrainian quite hopefully also.

Among languages that are not yet activated but could be, Persian will
hopefully be complete by Sunday. And Sinhala might also be OK but I'm
less confident as I hadn't any contact with the translator for quite a

PS: I *still* expect all D-I translators to follow debian-i18n. This
is obviously not the case, as personal reminders that I send by
private mail often do get some responses while not action happens when
I send notices in the mailing list only. This is really sad as it
makes the coordination work even more complicated than it is already.

PS/2: in case you can do something for the "endangered" languages but
are not the regular translator, it's quite too late for sending me a
mail with "what can I do for helping". The only thing you can do is go
to http://d-i.debian.org/l10n-stats/ and, more precisely get the
following files:


...then complete them and send them to me or

The count is currently 51. You have 4 days left.

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