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uboot-envtools-udeb or uboot-installer


Thibaut Girka is hacking on d-i for the FreeRunner as a GSoC project this
year, Gaudenz mentor and I co-mentor.

As you probably know the FR uses U-Boot as bootloader. When installation is
finished, the environment for U-Boot needs modification so we can boot.

Last year at DebConf I worked on an udeb for uboot-envtools which I dusted
off recently. This udeb will:

* Install uboot-envtools.
* Sanity checks for /boot partition (U-boot needs this to be ext2).
* Add menu entry in d-i main menu after boot loaders. Invoking it would
  modify the U-Boot environment with data gathered during installation.
  (I.e. partition which /boot resides on.)

The work so far is in uboot-envtools packaging git repo on alioth. [0]
Feedback is very welcome, also debian-boot has the final saying in udeb
matters IIRC.

Gaudenz commented on the udeb and said that it might be better to create an
uboot-installer package, similar to other boot-loader installer packages in

How should this proceed? Continue with uboot-envtools-udeb or create
uboot-installer and put it in d-i repo?

[0] http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-fso/uboot-envtools.git;a=summary


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