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Bug#587150: [syslinux] Bug#587150: #587150: d-i netinst cd doesn't boot, isolinux error: further investigation


"H. Peter Anvin" <hpa@zytor.com> wrote:
> >> Error: no configuration file found.
> >>
> What does it say *before* that?
> It would obviously be useful to know which exact image this was, so that
> I have a hope of knowing if I can reproduce the bug.

Uhh, I see, this is somewhat difficult.
Today, i downloaded an iso, and it booted fine. But that is Isolinux 
ver. 3.86 (according to that, what I see at the top of the screen during boot).
Yesterday I had 4.00.

So, why is this?

Ok, Ferenc Wagner pointed me to 
and the iso I downloaded from there today, has Isolinux 3.86.
And: The netinst image there has about 176MB, while the daily build where I am
linked to from the d-i development page has 191MB. 
So, these images are not useful for testing the error we are talking about here.

So let's start from scratch.
The hole story:

I started with an netinst image from
that was build on 24.06.2010 (sorry, no more details
about the build time). I had that problem "no configuration file found".
I don't have this iso or this disc anymore.
I went to sleep.

Next day.
Next try. I thought, the download may be corrupt on the day before, or I had 
a bad disc or or or...
So I downloaded another iso from
that was built on 25.06.2010 (sorry, no details about the build time, but I 
have the iso here on my cd :-) You can download this iso from my pc if you
want. Feel free to ask.
The timestamps of most directories on this cd are "25.Jun 2010 11:57")
The download was ok, I checked the md5sum.
The "no configuration file found" error was still there.

Output on screen was:
ISOLINUX 4.00 debian-20100624 ETCD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al
ERROR: No configuration file found

I went to sleep.

Next day.
Next try.
I downloaded a new iso from

(btw: default procedure for me is: go to development site of debian-installer
and then click on "daily build" for i386. Then I come to
There I find netinst and businesscard images, which I use for testing from 
time to time.)

On that URL I read at the time "now":
"This build finished at Sat Jun 26 16:49:47 UTC 2010."

I downloaded the netinst image with this md5sum:

7f9b92a8f41da4ef60054aacb83845a6  debian-testing-i386-netinst.iso

- I checked the md5sum of this iso: it matches ok.
- I booted this iso via qemu: it booted correctly.
- I burned this iso to cd and tried to boot it on my Thinkpad T23: the
  error is still there. Output on screen is EXACTLY the same as under 2.

You can also download this iso from my pc if you want. Feel free to ask.

Hope this helps



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