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Automatically installing mmc-modules for targets requiring it

I'm currently working on a d-i image for the Neo Freerunner, and the
only useful storage on it is the µSD (well, there is NAND, but it's not
supported in d-i for now, and it's quite small).
So, d-i have to install mmc-modules to do anything useful.

I can see several ways to achieve that:

1°) Add mmc-modules in the target specific pkg-list. Easiest way, but
not sure it's the best.

2°) Change mmc-modules priority to standard for the specific
IMO, this is quite wrong since every target of the sub-architecture will
install mmc-modules automatically, although it doesn't hurt in my case,
for now.

3°) Detect the machine by reading /proc/cpuinfo like flash-kernel does,
and install mmc-modules for the targets that need it.

4°) Install mmc-modules if no disk are detected, using something like:
if [ -z "$(list-devices disk)" ]; then
       anna-install mmc-modules || true

I prefer the last one, since it's the most generic one, but maybe it is
too generic?

Thibaut Girka

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