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Re: Preseed question

[Petter Reinholdtsen]

> Why is there no network available?  This reminds me of an old bug in
> anakonda on RHEL, where the DHCP request would time out before the
> network card on Dell PowerEdge servers were able to finish the
> handshake with a Cisco switch.  It was fixed after a few releases, by
> either extending the timeout or retrying more times.  Not sure which.
> Perhaps debian-installer have the same problem?
> > Any suggestions?
> Not really...

The problem is that this installation must be done in the field, with a
USB key and no access to  any  network during installation. And so far,
d-i insists on getting some connection, somehow, or tell the user it
didn't succeed. The installation should preferrably be completely
automatic, insert USB, boot computer and have everything installed
without answering any questions.

In netcfg 1.52, a template has been added to disable networking[1], as
has been kindly suggested to me, but unfortunately my target system uses
netcfg 1.51. I'll see if I can find another way around.



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