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Re: Preseed question

[Carsten Agger]
> I'm creating a customized alternate CD which is supposed to run without 
> any user input in a setting with no network connection.
> Does anyone know how to achieve this? No matter what I do, it seems to 
> insist on stopping and telling the user that no network is available.

Why is there no network available?  This reminds me of an old bug in
anakonda on RHEL, where the DHCP request would time out before the
network card on Dell PowerEdge servers were able to finish the
handshake with a Cisco switch.  It was fixed after a few releases, by
either extending the timeout or retrying more times.  Not sure which.

Perhaps debian-installer have the same problem?

> Any suggestions?

Not really.  Perhaps add a udeb doing sleep 10 before the dhcp request
to the initrd to give the Cisco switch time to clear its head?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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