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Re: libnss-myhostname instead of mangling /etc/hosts

Re: Joachim Breitner 2010-06-14 <[🔎] 1276516697.2751.7.camel@kirk>
> > at the moment, the Debian installer creates a /etc/hosts file
> > containing the local host name¹, so that this name is resolvable even
> > if not registered in the DNS. Unfortunately, this is a possible cause
> > of problems when the user wants to change the hostname – he has to
> > change it in /etc/hosts two.

This sounds like an overly complicated solution to avoid user errors.
What about simply making /etc/init.d/hostname.sh warn if the hostname
isn't resolvable (locally)?

I wouldn't want a .so file pulled into every program I execute (isn't
that what nss does?) because some people cannot edit /etc/hosts.

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