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libnss-myhostname instead of mangling /etc/hosts

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Hi debian-installer team,

at the moment, the Debian installer creates a /etc/hosts file containing
the local host name¹, so that this name is resolvable even if not
registered in the DNS. Unfortunately, this is a possible cause of
problems when the user wants to change the hostname – he has to change
it in /etc/hosts two.

Lennart Poetting’s libnss-myhostname² works around this issue. Instead
of hard-coding the hostname in /etc/hosts, this nss module resolves the
current local host to It also works with ipv6.

Would this be something that could be used by default in Debian, maybe
for squeeze+1? 

 * Renaming a host does not affect /etc/hosts.
 * /etc/hosts is the same on all installation and can be made a regular
static conffile shipped by some base package, instead of being created
by netcfg during installation.

 * Another nss module that has to be loaded.
 * More code involed in a very common procedure that might contain bugs
(but these will eventually all be fixed, I assume).

What do you think?


¹ file /packages/netcfg/netcfg-common.c line 729 func netcfg_write_common()
² http://packages.debian.org/unstable/libnss-myhostname
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