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Bug#584297: Installation fails if usibng an existing /var partition

Package: other (installation)
Version: lenny/squeeze/...

I tried to reinstall my whole system keeping my older /var and /home partitions where there was some data I'd liked to keep. When "installing the base system", deboostrap crashed (at "chroot /target dpkg --install base_files"), the error console stating that there was no user "root" in stateoverride file.

Using another console, "whoami" returned an "unknown user ID 0".

When I tried the reinstallation *without* mounting the /var and /home partition immediately (and doing it by hand later), things worked smoothly. This bug was present with both the netinst and buisnesscard installer in both lenny and squeeze.

My guess is that /var kept info about the existence of root, hence debootstrap did not recreate the user thus causing troubles later...


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