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Re: extlinux

26.05.2010 22:32, Daniel Baumann wrote:
how about adding your parameters to EXTLINUX_PARAMETERS in
/etc/default/extlinux? then they will be used for all images in the
config automatically.

in case that's not what you were looking for: as stated in another mail,
i've added update-extlinux/extlinux-install and it fits my setups well -
but any suggestions are welcome, please feel encouraged to submit bug
reports against extlinux.

Thank you Daniel for doing that.  I use extlinux for several
years already, but never bothered submitting my local scripts
for doing the same.  And now yours are superior anyway :)

Just one question:  why /boot/extlinux/ ?  Why can't it be
placed directly to /boot, so that all kernel images may be
referenced using relative paths?



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