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Re: No install guide for armel for stable

* Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> [2010-05-24 16:31]:
> You need your memory banks overhauled ;-)
> Lenny *does* still have arm. We changed the installation guide to
> armel only *after* the lenny release because arm was dropped for
> Squeeze.
> All Lenny documentation for arm is equally valid for armel. So as
> discussed and decided previously, for stable nothing needs to (nor
> can be) be done about it.

I remember we talked about it (although I cannot recall all the
details).  But there is one problem with using the arm lenny docs for
both arches: the arm guide includes download links to the deprecated
arm port instead of the new armel port, and we'd like to encourage new
installations to use armel.

Is it possible to change the lenny arm guide so it points to the armel

Martin Michlmayr

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