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Re: Do you still maintain mouseemu in Debian?

[Gaudenz Steinlin]
> I'm not sure if mouseemu (at least in it's current status) should be
> activated by default on these machines. I'd prefer to have the two
> and three finger tapping acivated by default instead.

OK.  How is this multifinger tapping activated?  How can machines with
such touchpad be detected during installation.  I assume mouseemu
should be installed on macs with a one-button mouse without such

> Back to mouseemu: I plan to work on at least the RC bug next week. But I
> also welcome any contributions from others. Mouseemu is on collab-maint
> [1] and any DD should have commit access to the repository. 

Good to hear that mouseemu will get whipped back into shape.  I do not
have a Mac myself, so I will not volunteer to work on it. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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