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Re: Romanian tasks

On Sat,22.May.10, 07:26:26, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Andrei Popescu (andreimpopescu@gmail.com):
> > romanian-desktop:
> > 
> > xfonts-terminus is mentioned twice
> That's right and should be corrected...which I did.
> > ttf-liberation would also be a good choice, but it's already recommended 
> > by openoffice.org. Does it make sense to add it to the task?
> Not really. As you mention, it is more the job of big desktop packages
> to recommend this or that font.
> In <language>-desktop tasks, we should only need to have at least one
> known good font that supports the said language (to avoid depending on
> other packages recommends|depdendencies) and ttf-dejavu is fine for this.
Makes sense and that's why I asked first and didn't just file a bug.

> > 
> > romanian-kde-desktop:
> > 
> > kde-i18n-ro should now be kde-l10n-ro
> Correct. That's true for all kde-i18n packages indeed. I never noticed
> that KDE maintainers changed this.
> I just fixed that.

Thanks for all you work on this Christian :)


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