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Re: Romanian tasks

Quoting Andrei Popescu (andreimpopescu@gmail.com):

> romanian-desktop:
> xfonts-terminus is mentioned twice

That's right and should be corrected...which I did.

> ttf-liberation would also be a good choice, but it's already recommended 
> by openoffice.org. Does it make sense to add it to the task?

Not really. As you mention, it is more the job of big desktop packages
to recommend this or that font.

In <language>-desktop tasks, we should only need to have at least one
known good font that supports the said language (to avoid depending on
other packages recommends|depdendencies) and ttf-dejavu is fine for this.

> romanian-kde-desktop:
> kde-i18n-ro should now be kde-l10n-ro

Correct. That's true for all kde-i18n packages indeed. I never noticed
that KDE maintainers changed this.

I just fixed that.

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