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Bug#580714: debian-installer: build installer image for Buffalo Linkstation Pro/Live


First of all, thanks for the work on this - it's been on my TODO list
for about 2 years now :o(

Ryan Tandy wrote:
> I thought I'd read that entire thread, but as you can see the form I
> used in the patch is from an older message that Tim quotes.  My
> Linkstations work fine (on stock firmware as well) with the initrd=
> parameter removed entirely, so let's go with that.

Old linkstation stock-firmware versions won't boot at all with this
parameter removed - they won't boot the standard Buffalo Linux stuff
thereafter either....

Perhaps it's good enough to just complain about these, or instruct the
user to use a certain minimum version.  As most people don't have serial
consoles, some semi-official Debian firmware which does netconsole (and
thus proper netboot etc. etc.) would probably be a big win, but that can
come later.



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