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Bug#580714: debian-installer: build installer image for Buffalo Linkstation Pro/Live

* Ryan Tandy <tarpman@gmail.com> [2010-05-07 16:17]:
> The attached patch adds a target to debian-installer to build a kernel
> image and ramdisk for the Linkstation Pro/Live platform, similar to the
> Kurobox Pro which is already supported.

I've copied Tim Small and John with whom I've previously had
conversations about the LS Pro.  Since I don't know a lot about the LS
and don't have such a device, I hope they can help with the code

To me, this patch looks fine with one exception.  I wonder if this is
the right thing to do:

| $SETENV bootargs_root "root=/dev/sda2 rw initrd=0x00800040"

I know we have to modify the initrd= parameter because the default one
will not work.  However, afaict, Tim originally suggested to remove
the whole initrd= parameter; see

In any case, I'm fine with leaving it there as long as it will work
both with Debian and the original LS firmware.

Also, from Tim's message above, it seems that you've removed panic=5
from the command line.  Any reason why?

Martin Michlmayr

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