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Re: [I18N] rescue mode dialogs displayed in english, although translated

Quoting Holger Wansing (linux@wansing-online.de):

> (I don't know the mechanism, which is reponsible here.
> It seems, as a new version is not automatically uploaded if translations 
> have changed?

Right. Packages builds and uploads are a manual operation.

A general "l10n upload" for packages is generally done before releases
but....see below....

> What triggers a new upload in such situations?
> Manual action of d-i team?
> I would assume, that in preparation for a new d-i release (like the
> alpha1 release in February this year) all packages get a new upload,
> but that was not the case.  ???)

You're right. Given that the release was meant to be an alpha release,
the care for uploading new packages when they only had l10n updates
has not been complete. *I* did some l10n upload at some point, but the
release was delayed for so long that they became pointless....and when
the release time came, more changes had triggerred fuzzy or
untranslated strings in some packages. Most l10n teams completed
translations in the general files but packages weren't uploaded again.

This is indeed one of the reasons to motivate a beta release....but we
need someone to take care of it.

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