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boot problem after installation - device names changed

my system is QNAP TS-409, which is armed platform
I have 3 disks and 2 partitions on each
When I start Debian Lenny installer based on instruction from http://www.cyrius.com/debian/orion/qnap/ts-409/install.html my disks are assigned to /dev/sd{a,b,c}.
I choose /dev/sda1 as /boot partition and /dev/sdb1 as swap.
On end of installation somepart of system are flashed to memory.
When I boot after successful installation it will not boot. Unfortunately I don't see the UBoot output, but when I try boot with rescue image or start installation again I see the the /dev/sda1 is swap and not /boot, so the order of disks changed.

Is this change of disk order the problem why system is not booting ? Is this normal behaviour ?


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