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Re: Installation on PowerBook G3

On Saturday 01 May 2010, Stefano Canepa wrote:
>     I have an old Apple PowerBook G3 (prism/bronze) and I'm trying to
> install Debian on it. I'm using a netinst CD dated 20100201. I tryed
> many times but installer stops installing base system, every time at a
> different percentage but when it stops the computer is completly frozen:
> no input no output.

Try switching to VT4 at the beginning of base installation. That should at 
least give us where it is failing and maybe why.

Also try activating the web server of the installer before base 
installation ("save debug logs" option). Maybe that will allow you to get 
the info after the hang.

It's almost certain to be an arch specific issue, so the powerpc porters 
are the best people to help solve it once you have identified the issue.

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