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Re: timezone in squeeze installer

Oops, sorry i've replied only to Xavier; now resending only to the list.

Xavier Chantry wrote:
I wanted to use an english locale/language with my timezone
(Europe/Paris UTC+1 or 2) but that was not possible. After selecting
english (or was it american?), I only had a very restricted list of
timezones, with no obvious way around. So I had to go back and choose
French language instead.

If i understand correctly, it's the same issue i've already encountered
several times in the past, without investigating it too much.

I prefer too the english language as user interface but i'd like to
configure the rest of the system to behave as italian (measurament
units, monetary, etc).
I suppose it's not uncommon to use english as interface language.

Now i've downloaded the daily installer iso and make it run inside qemu,
to see if it behave as i remembered:

1) The installer propose:
Choose the language to be used for the installation process. The
selected language will also be the default language for the installed
Here i choose: English - English.

2) In the next step the installer propose:
The selected location will be used to set your time zone and also for
example to help select the system locale. Normally this should be the
country where you live.
Here i choose: other -> Europe -> Italy

3) The system mumble a bit then show what i've attached.
Here normally i choose what the installer propose: United States

End of the qemu test.

Then, from what i recall, on the installed system i do:

- dpkg-reconfigure -plow locales
Here i select en_US.UTF-8 and it_IT.UTF-8.

- set /etc/default/locale with:

Result: italian locale but user interface in english.



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