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Re: Graphics glitches during installation and partman

Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> (Keeping you Cc'd, I think if you were on this list, you would know
> about the logo bug.)
> Eugen Dedu <Eugen.Dedu@pu-pm.univ-fcomte.fr> (22/04/2010):
>> Hi,
> Hi,
>> - The boot screen does not display correctly the background image, see
>> first image (on the contrary, the blank line of the menu is ok, this is
>> the fault of photo camera).
> syslinux's #571045 triggers this. Looks like the image has to be
> changed on -boot@'s side.
>> - Choose "Choose language", afterwards "English", and come back: the
>> menu item at the bottom contains weird characters, see second image.
>>   - the same after choosing English and Paris, see third image (bottom
>> left and right)
>>   - the same for many other screens
> dialog/debconf/whiptail/whatever bug, already fixed.
> Next time, you may want to mention which image you're using to install
> your system.

Yes, sorry, there is always something I forget :o), it was last daily
built image, 22 March 2010, from

(I know there are temporary problems to show there the current builds...)

Ok, thank you for the answer.


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