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Re: r62959 - in trunk/packages/partman/partman-base: . debian init.d

On Tuesday 20 April 2010, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> You rarely ought to need to touch it and in this case it being available
> by preseeding or low priority looks to be the sanest way to go.

Agreed. But I see no reason why this should be available through preseeding 
only. This type of question is exactly why we have expert mode.

> In modern machine the default ought to be the most logical option and
> ought to work fine (and even provide some performance benefit in some
> cases) so this shouldn't be so easy to mess with it IMO.

So it should not be asked at default priority and have a very clear 

IMO having at as a regular question at default prio with a good description 
also allows to document the issue better (or at least, makes the
"documentation" more accessible).

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