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Bug#577174: debian-installer: There is no obvious way to choose "basic" variant of de keyboard layout system-wide

reassign 577174 console-data
retitle 577174 Please provide the deadkeys variant of german keymap

Quoting Karsten Loeft (karstenloeft@yahoo.de):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: normal
> When installing debian squeeze with localization for German/Germany, the
> "nodeadkeys" variant of the German ("de") keyboard layout is being installed
> system-wide. This is not the standard variant for Germany. The standard variant
> ("basic") for Germany has dead keys (`,´,^).  The average desktop user expects
> the standard variant ("basic") with dead keys, which is what Microsoft Windows
> and Ubuntu have, too. The German language contains many French loan words, for
> which these dead keys are needed. Programmers often prefer the "nodeadkeys"
> variant, but the average desktop user wants the "basic" variant. While it is
> possible for a user to configure the GNOME desktop to use his own variant,
> there is no easy and obvious way to choose it as the system-wide default for
> all users.  Either the "basic" variant should be installed by default, or
> during installation there should be a dialog prompting for the exact keyboard
> layout variant.

IIRC, this was very long ago discussed and discussed (nned digging in
the archives around 2004 and 2005 to find out what was said at that
time). Apparently agreement was found that the nodeadkeys variant is

I have no idea whether this was indeed pushed by some geeky way to see
thigns that has nothig to do with real users...or if it was backed up
by other arguments.

You need to gather advices from German contributors to finally decide
what should be the default.

However, this has been this way since Debian uses D-I, so since
sarge....and, IIRC, this is the first time we have someone requesting
a different setting. So, in short, you might have trouble convincing
people. I'd suggest launching the discussion on some German lists...

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