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Bug#576774: debian-installer: When LVM used to be used the kernel won't read the new part table and the installer doesn't notice

Package: debian-installer
Version: Testing from 7-Apr-2010
Severity: normal

I just tried to install Testing on an old laptop that had previously used LVM.

I decided to delete the old LVM partition and use /dev/hda1 for the install.
Previously /dev/hda1 had been a 50M /boot partition.  The installer thought it
had done the right thing but ran out of space after installing 50M of files.
The kernel hadn't taken note of the new partition layout, presumably due to
the presence of an active LVM configuration.

On a second attempt at installing (after rebooting) there was no need to
change partitions (LVM was already gone) and everything worked.

I think that the installer should detect this case (and other situations where
the kernel declines to accept the new partition table) and inform the user
that they need to reboot.

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