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Bug#575662: Tasksel

Package: Tasksel
Version: 2.78

I'm running Debian Lenny 2.6.26. I have a wierd problem with tasksel.
It seems that I can successfully install a package, and then when I return to tasksel browser, it automatically selects the recently installed package for removal. (Say bind9 for example)
If I quit tasksel, then next time I run it, the main menu defaults to the tasks that will remove the recently installed software (Say DNS server), and even when I choose manual software selection and return to the browser, it has again selected the package (Say bind9) (which was just successfully installed) for removal.
I find that I have this problem on two machines. Both machines have the same packages installed, and presumably the same versions since I've been downloading from stable main etc...yet each machine defaults to removing different packages (???)
It seems to me that tasksel is getting confused, or locked into a state that it thinks has unsatisfied dependencies, yet if that was the case, why would it have successfully installed the selected packages???
Anyways, its becoming a real pain in the arse because I have to keep telling it to NOT remove packages that have been successfully installed and are needed. I've tried searching around for solutions using tasksel, remove, force, keep, select...but obviously I get a whole lot of useless information.
Any suggestions????

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