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Re: where is now reiserfs in Debian-testing netinstall?

Frans Pop пишет:
Because reiserfs is no longer actively maintained upstream and because there are now good alternatives, we have made support for reiserfs optional instead of standard.
this is the answer i got from Edward Shishkin, current maintainer of reiserfs and reiser4:
What "upstream" do they mean?
Reiserfs file system driver is in mainline kernel. It already
means active maintenance. The user-space utilities (reiserfsprogs)
are maintained by me and Jeff Mahoney.
there is reiserfs mailing list on kernel.org and bugzilla there, and every day some actions take place here. reiserfs is supported by any modern system, and there are lot of users using it. people who don't know what is this will just use default fs (ext4 or whatever) and won't care whether reiserfs is here or not. but for users who know what they do there should be an option to make a suitable choice. you even suggest FAT in installer menu - will you say that fat is better for linux root than reiserfs? what is more, i don't think that lot of newbies even know about such things as netinstall. people who use such images, know what they do and thus know what they want to get. that's why i think that if smth is supported by mainline kernel, you should give user a choice to use this. "you can configure everything for your needs" - isn't it what linux should provide?

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