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Re: rootskel build failure with current klibc

On Sunday 21 March 2010, maximilian attems wrote:
> fixed in 1.5.17-4, will ask to unblock this one for testing migration
> soon. any current constraints concerning that timeline from d-i?

Nope. We currently don't have any boot floppies, so rootskel-bootfloppy 
isn't really used.

But we should still keep the udebs as I've just created a new udeb
'rootskel-flash' that uses them to load a D-I initrd from flash card.

For the ARM netbook I'm developing this for the micro-initrd (containing 
only klibc and an init program; 66kB total) containing rootskel-flash will 
be piggybacked onto a kernel image using the bootpImage target of the 
upstream kernel build system.

Thanks maks.

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