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Complaint about apt installing Recommends by default.

I'm seriously.. VERY seriously enraged by the very thought of Debian moving to preconfigure and install "Recommends" by default. This is the worst decision Debian could ever make. That very one thing is one of my biggest complaints about Ubuntu doing so and strongly /VERY/ strongly insist it not be done.

I have been a Debian user since way back when, and I completely disagree with this decision. Recommends should NOT be treated as if Required, ever. Things such as, for an example, rsyslog-pgsql, to add postgresql logging support. Generally such a package could (AND SHOULD!) recommend postgresql-server, and at the very least Require postgresql-client. Since rsyslog-pgsql would be just a component to add support to log TO a PostgreSQL server, it's not essentially required to run it on the same system the module is installed on. But to "by default" imposedly install postgresql-server on every system you install rsyslog-pgsql to just because it's recommend, is outright unacceptably insanely stupid.

Another prime example is a package maintainer may "Recommend" pulseaudio for the use of ... Let's use Amarok as an example. Is it absolutely Required to use PulseAudio with Amarok to play audio? Absolutely not. With the direction PulseAudio has gone as well, it would be hard to honestly recommend such a thing, but it can and likely even will happen, and unless someone pins pulseaudio packages from ever installing, they may very well have it shoved down their throat. Is this acceptable? Completely not.

I will firmly say this. It is completely stupid to, by default, install Recommends. In the past, only Ubuntu has ever done this, and it is by far, one of the stupidest things they have ever done. Absolutely /no/ other reasonable distribution does this.

Eric Renfro

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