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Re: Towards X11-based d-i: Gone through NEW

On Friday 19 March 2010, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> I'm not sure whether it's feasible to push everything up to the
> “libvte9-udeb, libgtk2.0-0-udeb, libpango1.0-udeb, gtk2-engines-udeb”
> layer, that would break cdebconf-gtk-{entropy,terminal,udeb}?

That's not a problem as those udebs are currently unused in testing.
It simply means that people will not yet be able to build G-I images from 
testing, but that is not a problem. It is infinitely more important not to 
break the existing alpha1 release.

> If that sounds fine, just asking release folks to force the new
> packages in would do?

IMO breaking some dependencies for packages that are unused anyway is 
preferable to the risk of breaking alpha1.

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