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Bug#574336: pkgsel: Only run update-initramfs once during installation?

On Wednesday 17 March 2010, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> No idea.  This what made me suspect the cause might be the LTSP
> chroot.

Ah. I failed to really comprehend that earlier.
Yes, I guess that could be and that would of course make it separate from 
base system installation 

> > Why is dmsetup getting installed if it is not being used during
> > partitioning (in which case it should already have been installed
> > _before_ initramfs-tools gets installed the first time)?
> It is a dependency of lvm2.  I asked 'aptitude why dmsetup' on the
> machine in question. :)

The same goes for LVM2 though. That should really be installed as a result 
of partitioning, not as an extra package. Or is that installed in the LTSP 
chroot as well?
If it is the LTSP chroot that is the cause, then I think pkgsel really is 
the wrong place to address this.

> Oh, well.  My goal for this request was a faster installation.  I
> assume we share that goal, and do not see the point of arguing further
> for making sure update-initramfs is called as few times as possible.

Sure. But that does not mean we should blindly complicate D-I code without 
checking the validity of the use case.

P.S. I've been wondering if we shouldn't consider postponing kernel 
installation until after APT is configured. In some ways it is more 
logical to group it with bootloader installation than with base system 
installation. It could also make sense for firmware installation (see my 
comments in #574158). Not something to change lightly though. Added 
complication is consistent handling of Recommends.

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