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Bug#574336: pkgsel: Only run update-initramfs once during installation?

[Frans Pop]
> Something looks very broken in this example.
> Why is initramfs-tools getting set up twice for the same version?

No idea.  This what made me suspect the cause might be the LTSP

> Why is dmsetup getting installed if it is not being used during
> partitioning (in which case it should already have been installed
> _before_ initramfs-tools gets installed the first time)?

It is a dependency of lvm2.  I asked 'aptitude why dmsetup' on the
machine in question. :)

> After that the only remaining cause for an extra run is usplash.  If
> debian-edu wants that installed by default, then the correct
> solution IMO is to include it on the first CD and ensure it gets
> installed during post-base-installer.d and not during pkgsel.

There is not enouch room on the CD for that. :)

> The problem here IMO is a badly structured installation, not a
> missing feature in pkgsel.

Oh, well.  My goal for this request was a faster installation.  I
assume we share that goal, and do not see the point of arguing further
for making sure update-initramfs is called as few times as possible.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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