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Re: Getting d-i to find firmware on the CD generated by debian-cd

Frans Pop wrote:
> IMO a proper solution would ensure the licence dialog gets displayed before 
> the firmware first gets loaded by the installer.

The only relevant firmware package I can find that prompts with a license is
firmware-ipw2x00. This was discussed in #504668 when they added the license
prompt to the package:

| Note: If one gets the firmware-ipw2100 packages, then copy it on a usb
| key to provide the package to Debian-Installer (when DI detects the Wifi
| card), then the "preinst" script isn't displayed.
| Which means that the license isn't "accepted". This behaviour shouldn't
| be a problem for ipw2100/ipw2200, since the license's FAQ handle this
| case (see Bug #504671 and 449235)

I don't know if #449235's conclusions about this are right. Though the FAQ can
be read that way, it's just a FAQ, not a legal document. But it's worth
considering before going too far down the rabbit hole of creating a way for
d-i to display the license earlier than it does now.

see shy jo

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