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Re: initrd.img - creating a init ramdisk by hand

On Friday 12 March 2010, Richard Lamboj wrote:
> i need to create an init ramdisk for booting over the network. I'am
> working on an Project to manage Servers, Vservers, Clients and Services
> over the Network and one part is an init ramdisk wich will install disk
> images on the clients to place linux and windows installs on Desktop
> Systems.

This mailing list is about development of the Debian Installation system 
and your question does not really seem related to that. A better place to 
ask would have been the debian-user list.

> I have tried ext2 Images and cpio Images. They don't work. Could not
> exec init or linuxrc. So it would by nice if someone could give me
> informations about boulding an ramdisk.

That said, have a look at

Look for "# Create a compressed image of the root filesystem". You'll find 
examples of commands to create initrds using various formats.
The $(xxxxx) macros that are used are defined near the beginning of the 
same file.


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