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initrd.img - creating a init ramdisk by hand


i need to create an init ramdisk for booting over the network. I'am working on an Project to manage Servers, Vservers, Clients and Services over the Network and one part is an init ramdisk wich will install disk images on the clients to place linux and windows installs on Desktop Systems.

I have tried ext2 Images and cpio Images. They don't work. Could not exec init or linuxrc. So it would by nice if someone could give me informations about boulding an ramdisk.

I have copied init and linuxrc into the root of the initrd file and pass them with the init option init=/init or init=/linuxrc, but this don't work. I also have check with ldd wich libaries are needed.

After that errors, i have extracted my self created Images and everything was there, maybe i have forgotten something? The files also have a full file hierarchy and uses busybox, libc and some other usefull tools.

I got something like this: Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found, Try passing init= option to kernel. But the correct initrd is loading!

Maybe a stupid Question, but this is the first time i will build one by my self and don't using a tool.

Kind Regards

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