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Re: manual create a task, but doesn't effective

On Wednesday 24 February 2010, kin boster wrote:
>    I saw the article there are two change,
>    I am not very undertand for the two change
>    could you explain me for first change?
>    the two change must be satisfaction at the one time ?

Yes, they are related.

The 'Packages-list:' field is only used by tasksel if 'Packages:' is set to
"task-fields". If 'Packages:' is set to "list", the packages must be listed 
in the "Packages:" field itself.

>    i have a puzzle for fields key, Packages, Pacakges-list,
>    what differece between them ? what relationship they have?

The difference between 'Key:' and other packages is that the task is not 
installable if "key" packages are not available; if "non-key" packages are 
not available, they will simply be skipped.

>    and i have a requirement, my task have a lot of packages,  how can I
>    write .desc file ?

I don't understand the question. You can just list them. Note that you 
don't need to list dependencies: they will get pulled in automatically.

But I would advise against making one single task too big. It's probably 
better to split it into several tasks of related packages.

>    I use at and cron pacakge as openssh-server's task, I list it like:
>   Key:
>     openssh-server
>   Packages: list
>     at
>     cron
>   now openssh-server and cron can be installed, but at package didn't
>   installed, any idea?

No, sorry. I don't see any problem and I think it should work. But are you 
sure that cron was installed by your task? It is 'Priority: important', so 
it could also already have been installed by debootstrap.

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