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manual create a task, but doesn't effective

hi all
   I manual create a task for install openssh-server,named 123.desc in debian lenny , and only have  123.desc in /usr/share/tasksel/,
   when i run tasksel for install openssh-server, it doesn't effective,openssh-server doen't installed
 here are my test and 123.desc file

  # tasksel -t
 debconf-apt-progress -- aptitude -q --without-recommends -o APT::Install-Recommends=no -y install ~t^openssh-server$
  # tasksel --list-tasks
  u openssh-server        OpenSSH

  # tasksel --task-packages openssh-server
  # tasksel --task-desc openssh-server
  This task provides OpenSSH

  here is 123.desc:
Task: openssh-server
Section: user
Relevance: 8
Description: OpenSSH
 This task provides OpenSSH
Packages: task-fields

some advise?

best regards


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