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Bug#571136: please remove useless devices from devices.tar.gz

Marco d'Itri wrote:
> devices.tar.gz should contain only the devices which are strictly
> needed, even if udev is not installed the others can be created by
> makedev.
> At least the ram* devices should be removed because they were needed
> by initrds and are not useful anymore.

Then they should be dropped from MAKEDEV std, which is what debootstrap

> Why create loop*?
> Why create mem kmem core port?
> FYI, the only devices needed by udev to start are null and console.

Note that users expect to be able to use debootstrap to set up a
basically usable chroot, without necessarily bind mounting /dev into the
chroot. This expectation is a bit broken by the tty devices not being
included anymore, which can cause trouble using eg, screen in a chroot,
but it still mostly works.

(BTW, /dev/console is not included, so I hope udev doesn't really need
it! Did you mean /dev/tty?)

see shy jo

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