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Lenny installer, problems loading the graphical installer mouse modules

During the last month, I've been having problems with the creation of
debian-installer images for a lenny-based distro. I've tried with
different svn tags and even with the trunk version, but the results were
the same.
The error appears after selecting the graphical install and enabling the

FATAL: Could not open 'kernel/drivers/input/evdev.ko': No such file or
FATAL: Could not open 'kernel/drivers/input/mouse/psmouse.ko': No such
file or difrectory

After playing around for a while, I found out that modprobe is trying to
load the kernel modules from a relative path. This, obviously, is a bug.
d-i hackers may have not noticed that because they're tremendously busy
with the squeeze release.
Anyway, I've attached a small dirty and ugly workaround. The file in
charge of loading the mouse modules is the S61mouse-support-x86, from
the rootskel-gtk package.
Is there a better solution to this problem? If you need more
information, please let me know.

Raúl Benencia

Lihuen GNU/Linux development team

*** src/lib/debian-installer.d/S61mouse-support-x86	2010-02-22 15:40:21.000000000 -0300
--- src/lib/debian-installer.d/S61mouse-support-x86	2010-02-23 17:20:13.000000000 -0300
*** 1,5 ****
--- 1,7 ----
  if [ "$DEBIAN_FRONTEND" = gtk ] ; then
+     cd /lib/modules/`uname -r`
      modprobe -q evdev || true
      modprobe -q psmouse || true
      modprobe -q usbmouse || true
+     cd -

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