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Status of g-i / showing x11 based g-i prototype at CeBIT


Short version:
May / should we show kibi's prototype of an x11 based installer at the upcoming CeBIT?

Long version:
A couple of days ago we got to know that Debian may be present again at this years CeBIT (taking place in 10 days). We got to know it quite short handed, and needed to supply some informations about what we will show within a quite short timeframe.

Back than the best idea I had was to say, we would show a preview on Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" (including the kFreeBSD port) as well as a prototype for an possible x11 based graphical installer to be introduced with that release. (Kibi bloged about that when I hat to write the text).

Seeing the current discussion about that, I think that I might have been a bit to fast with that. Sorry for that, but I didn't had time to gather feedback :(

So far the text is only used on a website and I guess we could change the text if you like. That shouldn't be a problem. However, we would like to send out a small announcement (actually: I was hoping to finish a draft today and send it out on Monday) that we will be present there, and that would of course include a text what we will show. So what do you think about that?

My idea so far was to show it in a virtual machine; last years we often had some visitors from distributions based upon Debian, who found such stuff quite interesting. Showing them that (of course underlining that it is just an early prototype) would be quite cool.

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