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Re: Preliminary patches for console-setup (for g-i)

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (17/02/2010):
> I'll give the new packages a try ASAP, and report back if there's
> anything I can provide a patch for.

There you go. I guess you had in mind the variables used in .config,
instead of the ones defined a few lines above?

I'm now going to have a look at what you described earlier; currently
it looks like:
 - From the network setup, if I go back, I'm getting different choices
   than those presented the very first time. I'm not asked about that
   later in the installation process though.
 - If I go through the whole installation process without going back,
   I'm asked again the same question, with the same choices, at the
   keyboard-configuration's configuration step.

Fix variable names in postinst.
--- a/packages/console-setup/debian/keyboard-configuration.postinst
+++ b/packages/console-setup/debian/keyboard-configuration.postinst
@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ then
 	&& [ ! -z "$DISPLAY" ] \
 	&& keyboard_present
-	setxkbmap -option '' -model "$XKBMODEL" "$XKBLAYOUT" "$XKBVARIANT" "$XKBOPTIONS"
+	setxkbmap -option '' -model "$model" "$layout" "$variant" "$options"

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