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Re: Preliminary patches for console-setup (for g-i)

Anton Zinoviev <anton@lml.bas.bg> (17/02/2010):
> First, I want to thank you for your work.  I will upload fixed
> packages in the next hour.

No problem, and thanks for your feedback.

> I don't understand the copying of /etc/default/console-setup.  This
> file simply doesn't exist.

Hmm, I think I've looked at what I had locally and might have missed
checking the actual contents in the initramfs; sorry about that. I
probably got confused during several testing rounds since I saw a
difference with and without that patch. Sorry.

> In the patch I commited I moved setxkbmap near the setupcon because
> I want it executed only in d-i environment.

Okay, whatever works for you.

> This is what caused the problems you observed:
> 1. The config script didn't test properly that it is executed d-i
> environment
> 2. Because of this it attempted to ask the model question.  This was
> impossible because the udeb had no strings for the keyboard models
> (to save space).
> 3. In result the postinst writes XKBMODEL="" in the configuration
> file.
> 4. Then the main package installed in /target.  It asked its
> questions because nobody told it not to do so.
> 5. Then a sanity check caused the model question to be asked for
> second time in the postinst (because of XKBMODEL="" in the
> configuration file, which should be impossible).

Thanks for the detailed analysis. I'll have to read this once or twice
more though. ;)

> The correct scenario is this:
> 1. The udeb asks it questions and creates a configuration file.
> 2. /usr/lib/base-installer.d/20console-setup copies the
> configuration file in /target
> 3. It also marks the questions of keyboard-configuration as seen (I
> haven't tested this).
> 4. The main package doesn't reask the questions because their seen
> flags are true.


> The preseeding approach you used also works but I think it is more
> dangerous because a bug could result in bad values and maybe even
> unusable keyboard.  On the other hand if the configuration file is
> copyed in /target the bugs would only cause some questions to be
> asked twice.

Alright. Again, I'm very new to this, so this was a bit of firing in
the dark until I reached something remotely usable.

I'll give the new packages a try ASAP, and report back if there's
anything I can provide a patch for.


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